TecLite ®

An innovative alternative to traditional cast stone. TecLite is manufactured using a fibre-reinforced mix.

TecLite is manufactured using a fibre-reinforced mix which produces incredibly strong products weighing a fraction of the semi dry and WetCast equivalents.

TecLite utilises glassfibre reinforced concrete (GRC) technology to create products which are virtually identical to traditional cast stone materials but with extremely high tensile and flexural strengths. These high strengths enable us to manufacture TecLite products using a thin wall construction which results in substantially reduced component weights.

Choose from our large range of standard products or talk to our technical team about how we would produce your bespoke requirements.

TecLite products are often retro-fitted to the structure of the building. Door surrounds, quoins, cills, heads and copings can all be installed as part of the final fit.

The benefits of using lighter weight products within a build programme can be substantial. The cost of mechanical handling, two man lifts and a multitude of health and safety issues have led builders to change to TecLite.

We have been audited by an independent certifying body appointed by the International GRCA and accepted into the GRCA as Full Members, previously referred to as the Approved Manufacturer Scheme” (AMS) Members. As part of the Full Member audit process the GRC manufacturer must demonstrate that they have sufficient resources in plant, equipment and labour to design and manufacture high quality GRC in accordance with the Full Member regulations. The audit will also confirm that the Full Member has the quality management systems in place to comply with the requirements of the GRCA Specification, Method of Testing and Practical Design Guide.

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product specification

  • AuthorityBS1217.
    UKCSA specification for Cast Stone.
    International GRCA Specification.
  • ReinforcementAlkali-resistant glass fibres
  • LabelStandard and bespoke

TecCast ®

TecCast is a Semi - Dry product which uses a combination of traditional materials and technologically innovative admixtures to produce stone which is without equal.

TecLite ®

TecLite uses a fibre-reinforced mix to produce light weight products which look and behave exactly like traditional cast stone.


WetCast is a traditional wet mix material which is used to produce dense heavy duty, extremely robust products, ranging in size from small decorative items such as cills, heads and copings right up to large cornices, beams, columns and porticos.


We are a full member of the international Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association and are able to produce both poured and sprayed GRC in accordance with your design requirements.