GRC is an exciting concrete and glassfibre reinforced material used to provide innovative solutions to a host of construction environments.


Premix GRC is the ideal material for the production of intricate and decorative architectural pieces.

The manufacturing method enables products to be created with extremely thin walls, typically between 20mm and 25mm, which results in lightweight products – often less than half the weight of their cast stone, natural stone or concrete equivalents.

When installed, the finished product is normally indistinguishable from a cast stone equivalent.

Common uses for Premix GRC include:

  • Small cladding etc Panels
  • Balconies
  • Decorative Chimneys
  • Cills, Heads, Corbels, Quions
  • Lightweight Copings
  • Door Surrounds
  • Window Surrounds


Sprayed GRC is manufactured using a cementitious mix with a high glassfibre content which is sprayed into a bespoke wooden or GRP mould. The material is then built up in thin layers until the desired thickness is achieved. The product is left to cure in a controlled atmospheric environment until the required strength is achieved.

Common uses for Sprayed GRC include:

  • Large Panels
  • Large Architectural Pieces

Textured and Patterned finishes are available

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product specification

  • High Strength yet Lightweight
  • Unmatched for versatility
  • Environmentally friendly

TecCast ®

TecCast is a Semi - Dry product which uses a combination of traditional materials and technologically innovative admixtures to produce stone which is without equal.

TecLite ®

TecLite uses a fibre-reinforced mix to produce light weight products which look and behave exactly like traditional cast stone.


WetCast is a traditional wet mix material which is used to produce dense heavy duty, extremely robust products, ranging in size from small decorative items such as cills, heads and copings right up to large cornices, beams, columns and porticos.


We are a full member of the international Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association and are able to produce both poured and sprayed GRC in accordance with your design requirements.