What is Cast Stone?
Cast Stone, also known as Artstone, Reconstructed Stone or Reconstituted stone, is produced in a mould using cement, limestone, pigments and additives and the finished product closely replicates the natural stone alternative. One of the many advantages of using Cast Stone is the price – piece for piece it is generally substantially cheaper than natural stone.

What is the difference between Cast Stone and Natural Stone?

In many aspects, cast stone, particularly our TecCast product, is very similar to natural stone. Cast Stone is manufactured using crushed limestone which ensures that the texture, finish, and weathering attributes all closely resemble the natural stone equivalent. The advantages of using cast stone include the complex bespoke shapes which can be produced using moulds and the substantial cost savings associated with cast stone.

What is the difference between TecCast, WetCast and TecLite?

TecCast is a revolutionary cast stone process which produces a superior product quickly and cost effectively. TecCast is a type of Semi-Dry stone which has a surface texture similar to Portland stone. If you’re after short lead times coupled with competitive prices, TecCast is the answer!

WetCast is a denser material with a smoother finish. Steel reinforcement can be incorporated within the product to enable it to be used within a structural environment. As well as traditional copings, cills and heads, often a portico or large columns will require a WetCast solution.

TecLite utilises fibre reinforced concrete technology to create products which are virtually identical to traditional cast stone materials but with extremely high tensile and flexural strengths. Thus the products have a thin wall construction which means they much lighter than traditional cast stone alternatives. TecLite products are frequently surface fixed to the brickwork.

How do I handle Cast Stone on site?

The product should be carefully stored and handled in order to prevent chipping, cracking or discolouration. Polystyrene is normally used to protect the products on a pallet. If individual products are taken from a pallet, the polystyrene should be retained and reused to prevent products from rubbing against each other.

How do I clean Cast Stone?

Power washing is not recommended since it may damage the surface of the stone. Dirt and light staining can often be removed by the use of a light brush and water. More difficult stains may require the application of a diluted mild detergent which must then be thoroughly rinsed from the surface of the stone. Chemical or diluted acid cleaners should only be used as a last resort and then only in a very diluted format, carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions before meticulously washing down any residue.

TecCast ®

TecCast is a Semi - Dry product which uses a combination of traditional materials and technologically innovative admixtures to produce stone which is without equal.

TecLite ®

TecLite uses a fibre-reinforced mix to produce light weight products which look and behave exactly like traditional cast stone.


WetCast is a traditional wet mix material which is used to produce dense heavy duty, extremely robust products, ranging in size from small decorative items such as cills, heads and copings right up to large cornices, beams, columns and porticos.


We are a full member of the international Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association and are able to produce both poured and sprayed GRC in accordance with your design requirements.