Tough Mudder

After months of hard training, on a cold Saturday morning, Denise, Sharon, Julie, Gary, John, Robin, Mark, Paul, Ian, Alan, Rob, Chris and Richard from Pennine Stone lined up for the start of the Tough Mudder obstacle course at Belvoir Castle.  

26 obstacles and 4¼ hours later the team finished together, cold, exhausted, cut, bruised, sore and elated.  It seems impossible to guess how many walls we climbed, how many chest high streams full of stinking water we waded through, how many miles of mud we endured, but somehow we ran, trotted, swam, swung, slid, carried, climbed, squelched and crawled the 11.1 miles to the final “Electroshock” obstacle which signified the finish line.

There certainly seemed to be a recurring theme of 3.5 metre high walls which needed to be climbed over, barbed wire and cages which needed to be crawled under, tubes which needed to be crawled through, metal bars to hang from or swing from and smelly streams (dozens of them!) which needed to be waded through.  

The consensus seemed to be that “Artic Enema” was the worst obstacle – a slide into a pool of iced water and a dive beneath a row of submerged tyres to exit – it froze the body, the lungs, and the brain and it was unclear how long you needed to hold your breath.  On exit you were chilled to the bone, it was immediately followed by a waist high wade through a filthy stream which actually felt warm in comparison.  

The Pennine Stone team overcame each of the 26 obstacles – a tremendous effort from everyone, all of whom were first timers at this event and all of whom should be proud of the training they put in and the results they achieved.  Despite the cold, the wet and the pain, it was mostly smiles all the way.  

Would we do it again..? No, no, no, no, definitely not… maybe… wait until the body’s healed and we’ll have a chat about it!
Our endeavours raised over £2,100 for Diabetes UK – thank you to everyone who contributed and to everyone who helped to make the day such a great success.

Tough Mudder
Our endeavours raised over £2,100 for Diabetes UK

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