Pennine Stone Collaborate with the Bartlett School of Architecture

Pennine Stone worked with unit 17 of the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, to produce the ‘Ghost Chapel’, an ambitious architectural student led project which involved replicating a 1300 year old chapel in Connemara, Eire.

The students designed a ghost building which aimed to reflect the delicate mortar joints between the granite stones of the chapel to create a negative inverse of the original stonework.

Pennine Stone provided the glass fibre reinforced concrete required for the project which was manufactured by the students entirely at the company’s 6 acre site in South Yorkshire.

Pennine Stone Collaborate with the Bartlett School of Architecture

TecCast ®

TecCast is a Semi - Dry product which uses a combination of traditional materials and technologically innovative admixtures to produce stone which is without equal.

TecLite ®

TecLite uses a fibre-reinforced mix to produce light weight products which look and behave exactly like traditional cast stone.


WetCast is a traditional wet mix material which is used to produce dense heavy duty, extremely robust products, ranging in size from small decorative items such as cills, heads and copings right up to large cornices, beams, columns and porticos.


We are a full member of the international Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association and are able to produce both poured and sprayed GRC in accordance with your design requirements.