Boat Race

A coach load of employees and families made the long journey from Doncaster to Kettering to take part in the Dragon Boat race, pitting their nautical skills against the mighty Haddonstone crew.

It was a day of burgers and rounders, fairground rides, fizzy drinks and the fear of a capsize into the murky waters of the lake. Neither team had rowed (or paddled) before, and our early races included a few heart stopping moments when we came within millimetres of overturning the boat – a later discovery that the lake was only 1 metre deep in most places made it no less worrying! We were never going to trouble the Semi Finals, but Haddonstone definitely showed greater promise in their first 2 heats. All eyes, however, were on our third and final heat, which coincidentally pitched Haddonstone’s “Rowing Stones” in a head to head against The Pennine Paddlers. Suddenly, it was all a little less jovial and a little more competitive – he should sit here, she should sit there (no, I still don’t know which side starboard is!) – it’s not about the speed of your rowing, it’s about co-ordination and teamwork. In truth, there were some frighteningly competitive people in those two boats, however 77.19 seconds after the start gun (a Haddonstone Group world record btw) Pennine Stone had beaten Haddonstone into second place by a length. A fantastic day was had by all…!

Boat Race

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