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TecCast®                               TecLite®                             WetCast

TecCast is a Semi - Dry product which  TecLite uses a fibre-reinforced mix    WetCast is a traditional wet mix
  uses a combination of traditional    to produce light weight products      material which is used to produce
    materials and technologically      which look and behave exactly like   dense heavy duty, extremely robust
 innovative admixtures to produce
    stone which is without equal.             traditional cast stone.          products, ranging in size from
                                                                               small decorative items such as
                                                                              cills, heads and copings right up
                                                                            to large cornices, beams, columns

                                                                                        and porticos.

                                       TecCast®  TecLite®                   WetCast

Huge range of standard products?
Bespoke  products made to order?
Lightweight product?
Structural, load-bearing products?

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